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CROCOPARC is primarily about a story of passions. Its initiators, Mr. Alléon and Mr. Fougeirol, are members of an ancient family of Agadir and are equally bound by family ties as well as by their attachment to nature.

The entire career of Philippe Alléon has indeed been closely related to development activities of both the land and agriculture.

A well-known personality in Agadir, Philippe Alléon is also Vice President of the "Foundation of the South" and for 23 years was Chairman of the "Union of French Citizens Abroad".

For his part, Luc Fougeirol, equally a native of Agadir, is an expert and passionate about reptiles and has placed his expertise at the disposal of CROCOPARC. During his childhood, in the Souss Valley in Morocco, he was introduced to reptiles by his uncle, who never walked without snakes. Luc Fougeirol learned not to be afraid of snakes, but to respect them, to be interested in their lives and in their customs.

His interest in reptiles focused very early on with crocodiles and thereafter evolved to combine work and passion by creating the first European crocodile farm in Pierrelatte (France.) He also participated in the creation of "Crocodile Planet" in Civaux, France and also that of another park in Djerba, Tunisia. Today, he is a consultant for a park project in Dubai.

Luc Fougeirol is a member of the "Herpetological Society" of France, the "Species Survival Commission", the "Crocodile Specialist Group" and IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). In July 2006, he organised the first congress of the "Crocodile Specialist Group" in Europe and the first congress of the "Crocodile Specialist Group" of West Africa in Niger in November 2007. He is the author of "CROCODILES" published by Editions de la Martinière. His website is at luc-fougeirol.com

As for the design of plant vegetational spaces within CROCOPARC, Sylvie Lascelles-Lloyd, landscape nurseryman, born in Agadir and niece of Philip Alléon, emerged early on as the ideal person for this project because of her knowledge and passion for plants and gardens; a passion that has been handed-down for generations within her family.

At CROCOPARC, visitors can admire the cacti and succulents from the ancient collection of Sylvie's grandfather. This generational transmission was a sweet dream and an achievement for Sylvie; she admits to having designed the garden for her children and her grandchildren, that they can one day curl up in the "stone" armchairs in the park and find a moving part of their grandmother within the garden.

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