Nile Crocodiles

A species native to Africa
The order of reptiles called crocodilians comprises twenty-three species subdivided into three major zoological families: crocodiles, gavialidés and alligatoridés.

The resident species at CROCOPARC is the Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus). It is one of the species referenced as being potentially man-eating.

Some males can reach the impressive size of 6 meters per ton, which places them within reach of prey such as zebras and wildebeest.

Young crocodiles which were born in breeding over the past two generations have been brought from Djerba (Tunisia), the climate being very similar to that of Agadir. Crocodiles arrive having reached the age of three years after being raised outdoors from an early age. They therefore easily acclimatise to their environment and may facilitate to form with medium sized crocodiles.

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