The Park    An Extraordinary Garden

The intent of the landscape architect responsible for designing the Crocoparc garden was to create a place where the visitor can encapsulate the bounty of nature and be overwhelmed by its vibration which will resonate within. 

The plant spaces within the Park allow the visitor to feel all the energy and strength that nature is able to generate, along with its magical power that induces inner calm.

This place is dedicated, just for a moment, to allow visitors to disconnect from reality and reconnect with nature in order to achieve a certain serenity.

A large diversity of flora has been incorporated in order to prioritise an aesthetic harmony of interests. The goal was not to recreate a natural habitat, but to play with the various contrasts of foliage, colors and textures of the plants.

The masonry areas of the garden are also of great importance, and their positioning within the different spaces has been carefully studied in order that they will harmonise with the various plant allotments.

Visitors can admire, all along the circuit, original plantations such as the Sanseveria Cylindrica and also smell divine fragrances distilled by jasmines, gardenias and other fragrant plants. 

The garden has been designed so that flowering is present throughout the year and in a shimmer of colours, even in winter.

Currently, the collection has more than 300 species and varieties of plants, the aim being to create a microclimate that will be progressively furthered in scope.

Water is the main theme of the visit, vitally shared by both plants and crocodiles. For a little history... the village chief of Bazouré in Burkina Faso where the sacred crocodiles live in a pond, said: "The day when there will be no more crocodiles, there will be no more water."

At CROCOPARC, water is music; a beautiful partition between the murmur of small waterfalls and the roar of the cascade, accompanied by the singing of birds.

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