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CROCOPARC is a place for the exchange of knowledge and sharing for all, and welcomes all business or private event projects (organisation of your meetings, birthdays, parties, etc.).
Birthday Parties
Whenever you want to organise a memorable party in a unique and original setting for your child's birthday, CROCOPARC can take care of all your requirements.

Three options are available, starting from the first option at 55Dhs per child + invitation for the child wanting their birthday.

Please click on the above brochure for details!
The atmosphere generated by CROCOPARC is inspiring, so that artists can visit here not only to paint, but also to have the possibility to exhibit their work.

When looking for a conference venue; the outdoor amphitheater at CROCOPARC is available.

Whenever you need to gather your teams, and are looking for a family outing to offer your employees, think CROCOPARC!

You'll understand that CROCOPARC is open to you and our team will familiarise themselves with the utmost attention to your needs. For more information, please contact us via the form below and we will reply as soon as possible.

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